4 Types of Electric Fireplaces to Suit Your Home

4 Types of Electric Fireplaces to Suit Your Home - Moda Living

4 Types of Electric Fireplaces to Suit Your Home


Today, there are four types of electric fireplaces to suit your home and your lifestyle. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are the easiest to install, freestanding electric fireplaces are the most convenient and can be used anywhere in your home, and recessed or insert electric fireplaces are great if you’re looking to add a traditional fireplace look without adding an actual fireplace to your home. Here’s more information on each type of electric fireplace and where they work best in your home!


Wall mounted electric fireplace

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces


Wall-mounted electric fireplaces, like most modern wall units, are designed to fit in a room with existing decor. This type of fireplace is especially good for rooms where you can’t install a mantelpiece. You may also want a wall-mounted fireplace if you live in an apartment and simply don’t have anywhere else to put it! Be sure that you follow all safety precautions for installation and use; electrical fireplaces can get very hot, so be sure not to cover them up or stand directly in front. Always check your manual before using.

Wall-mounted electric fireplace: Wall-mounted electric fireplaces can either hang on a wall like a picture frame or sit flat against it. They offer two main benefits: First, they take up no floor space at all—perfect for small spaces with limited square footage. Second, they don’t require much assembly at all—which makes them perfect for renters who can’t install permanent fixtures but want to add ambiance to their home quickly and easily. Of course, these fireplaces do limit where you can put them— they must be placed directly on a wall (no hanging them from beams) and cannot go over window sills or doors because of safety concerns.

In terms of heating capability, these electric fireplaces can heat a small to medium sized room adequately but are definitely better suited as accents than primary heat sources. If you find yourself needing additional warmth at any time during the year, consider buying or building a secondary source such as a space heater. As always, read your product’s manual carefully before doing anything!


Free standing electric fireplace

Free Standing Electric Fireplaces


If you have a smaller space, such as an apartment or smaller living room, you may be looking for something that blends into your décor. The benefit to freestanding electric fireplaces is that they come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s one made for any size space. Additionally, some are slim enough to place between bookshelves or desks and still give off a warm glow; if you live in a studio apartment, for example, it’s a great way to make your room feel cozier without eating up valuable floor space.


Recessed electric fireplace

Recessed Electric Fireplace


Recessed wall-mounted electric fireplaces are a popular choice, as they can be installed in new or existing homes. These easy-to-install fireplaces have a compact design that will fit perfectly in any corner, whether it’s next to your kitchen area or tucked away in your hallway. Although most recessed wall-mounted electric fireplaces don’t create much heat, you can easily offset that issue by hanging a blanket above it. This simple trick will help reflect more heat back into your room and ensure that you stay warm all winter long. If you’re ready for an upgrade from traditional heating methods, a recessed wall-mounted fireplace is sure to fit right into your home. Just make sure you can get enough power to it before installing!


Electric fireplace insert

Fireplace Inserts


Traditional fireplaces have always been a focal point for home decor, and electric fireplace inserts can take that concept one step further. You can put them in rooms where a wood or gas fireplace would never fit, such as an enclosed porch or laundry room. And unlike traditional fireplaces, electric fireplace inserts will not give off any carbon dioxide (CO) or produce smoke, making them great for allergy sufferers. So before you pay someone thousands of dollars to install a traditional brickwork chimney for your wood fireplace, consider an alternative option: an insert that uses electricity. 


Which electric fireplaces suit me better?


Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are a great choice for a modern look, especially in open-plan spaces. They're often fitted with LED technology and can be placed either into an existing brickwork chimney or into a new build. Recessed and freestanding models are also very stylish, but can only be placed in rooms where there's enough room to recess them into a wall or remove an existing fireplace and replace it with one of these. These can then be finished off with wooden panelling, adding a rustic touch to any modern home.

An important factor when choosing an electric fireplace is whether it can heat your living space effectively. Generally speaking, freestanding units will heat a larger area than those that fit into a recessed cavity. For example, most recessed versions can heat up to 120 square feet (11 square metres), while many free-standing versions can heat areas up to 400 square feet (37 square metres). There are also smaller, tabletop models available which aren't designed for heating purposes at all—they provide just a focal point within your living space and create atmospheric lighting effects instead. If you have pets that tend to jump on furniture or children who like to play too close by your fireplace, you'll need something sturdy that won't topple over easily!