Hand Painted Oil Paintings from Moda Living - Add Some Beauty to Your Home Decor

Hand Painted Oil Paintings from Moda Living - Add Some Beauty to Your Home Decor - Moda Living

Hand Painted Oil Paintings from Moda Living - Add Some Beauty to Your Home Decor

Oil painting has been around since the 15th century, but has evolved into many different styles and techniques in that time. Today, hand painted oil paintings are more popular than ever, offering home decorators and art collectors alike a wide range of subjects to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. The fact that they can be produced on canvas, metal or wood makes them particularly interesting choices to display in any room of your home or office.

Hand Painted Oil Painting from Moda Living

Hand painted oil paintings from Moda Living are 100% hand painted and unique. Each painting goes through a process of layering colours and glazes on top of each other, which gives it its own distinct personality. No two paintings are alike. Moda Living is a place for you to discover all handmade products crafted with passion and love by independent artists around the world. At Moda Living we only sell artwork that has been hand painted onto canvas or wood in small studio spaces. 

Our hand painted oil paintings capture natural light and give a canvas print a 3D feeling. You can find artwork that is small enough for your kitchen or large enough for your entire living room. We have wall art available in multiple finishes. Each piece of art goes through an arduous process before it is ready to be shipped off, but it is worth all that effort because every piece of art has its own personality and feels like a companion in your home decor.

Give your home the comfort and warmth it deserves

One of our newest products at Moda Living are hand painted oil paintings. Hand-painted oil paintings add a unique warmth and comfort to any room of your home. Oil paintings add an elegant level of sophistication to any room in your home. You will find these oil paintings carefully chosen so you can give your home some real artistry that is both beautiful and affordable! Oil painting reproductions come in several sizes including: canvas, metal and timber frames. Choose from one of our many artists or styles to meet all of your decorating needs. 

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Canvas Oil Paintings


When it comes to oil paintings, we recommend canvas prints. All of our hand painted oil paintings are printed on premium quality cotton canvas, so you’ll get a level of detail and texture that is difficult to find with other mediums. That’s because when you purchase an original painting, you not only own a beautiful piece of art that will last for decades, but also a tactile piece of history. Canvas prints are a great way to display your favourite artwork without worrying about its upkeep or protecting it from external factors like dust or moisture—after all, canvas doesn’t easily bend, warp or yellow! Our latest addition features metal and timber frames so you can add some true beauty in your home decor.

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Metal Oil Paintings

Metal prints are an excellent option for displaying artwork in your home. They’re durable, timeless and can be displayed just about anywhere. And with a hand painted oil painting hanging on your wall, it’s easy to make a statement about who you are—and what you love—in any room of your house. Your wall art can beautifully represent some of life’s most important moments; after all, art is often inspired by something that happened at a specific time or place. We have backgrounds in fine arts, so each piece reflects a unique take on real life events that anyone would find appealing—think cityscapes and landscapes painted by trained artists. Pick up these realistic pieces today to transform empty walls into lifelike masterpieces worth talking about. Shop metal prints now! 

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Wood Oil Paintings


Wood prints are a fantastic way to add style and colour to your home decor. Made using only high-quality materials, Moda Living’s wooden canvas wall art prints offer quality at an affordable price. And with plenty of styles and sizes available, you can create a stunning gallery wall in your home or office without spending a fortune. There’s nothing quite like hand-painted artistry in an otherwise sterile world. With soft light and soothing tones, our oil paintings will refresh any space in your home or office with elegance and grace.