Frequently Asked Questions

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Electric Fireplaces

Why buy an electric fireplace?
How do electric fireplaces work?
Are electric fireplaces energy-efficient?
How much does it cost to run an electric fireplace? 
Can an electric fireplace heat a room effectively?
Do electric fireplaces require a lot of maintenance? 
Are electric fireplaces safe to use? 
Can I use an electric fireplace without heat? 
Is it difficult to install an electric fireplace?
How long do electric fireplaces last? 
Can I customize the appearance of my electric fireplace?
Will the glass be heated up?
Can I place a TV or other electronics above an electric fireplace? 
Are electric fireplaces noisy? 
Do electric fireplaces require a dedicated electrical circuit?
Can I use an electric fireplace in an apartment or condo? 
Are electric fireplaces environmentally friendly? 
Can I use an electric fireplace outdoors? 
Do electric fireplaces have a remote control?
Can an electric fireplace be used as a primary heat source?
Can I install an electric fireplace insert in a non-functioning traditional fireplace?
Do I need a professional to install my electric fireplace?
Can I place an electric fireplace on carpet or a rug?
Do electric fireplaces emit any fumes or odors?
Can I use an electric fireplace in a bedroom?

Shop with us

How can I purchase this item online without seeing the quality first?
How long will it take until I receive my item?
Received an item different to what you ordered?
Pick up available?
If I purchase more than 1 item, do I have to pay delivery for each item?
What happens if I am not home at the time of delivery? Do I need to pay for redelivery?
What happens if I receive an item & it is damaged or not working?